Autism Society of America Position Paper on The National Crisis in Adult Services for Individuals With Autism

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Adopted July 17, 2001 by ASA Board of Directors
Updated May, 2007
Author: Ruth Christ Sullivan, Ph.D.
Honorary Board Member, ASA


The critical shortage of services for adults with autism is a daily hardship for tens of thousands of families in the U.S. who struggle to provide a meaningful and productive life for their loved one who has aged-out of school. Since 1975 when the Education for All Handicapped Act (now Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, I.D.E.A.) mandated a free and appropriate education for children with disabilities, parents took for granted their child had a firm and Congressionally mandated right to services. Many are stunned to learn that when their child leaves school, the mandate for services ceases. Click here to read the Position paper

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